Now, Can You Summarise It In One Sentence?

My thesis research is based on a sociology topic. I wanted to see the effect that social media has had on young people that have grown up around the technology. As anyone below the age of 25 will now, technology has played an integral part in the way they have communicated with other people.

Thus, my thesis is focused on the effects, both positive and negative, that social media has made on the ability of younger people to communicate with each other. If I had to summarise my thesis in one sentence, then I would do it as follows: My thesis has found, through meticulous research, that those who use social media extensively have a harder time communicating in person.

The results of my research may not surprise many, but there is very little academic research on this topic, due to how recent the introduction of social media has been, the effects of which we can only begin to understand now.

To successfully compose my thesis, I had to thoroughly research about my topic. To do this, I relied on several sources to assist me. I signed up to a sociology academic journal, which was vital in finding academic literature relating to social media and its effects. There are many good sociology academic journals that host many important studies on this subject in their archives.

My college library also had some very useful sources that came in handy. There were many important newspaper and magazine clippings that helped me further understand social media and its impact. I also found many textbooks on the topic that I felt were very helpful.

Before I began my research, I made a thorough plan of my project. A plan is essential in ensuring that you complete your thesis on time and have a rough idea of how you will write your research thesis.

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As you can see with my short summary, my thesis research is concerned about the impact social media has had on the communication skills of young people. In summary, it can be seen that those who use social media very often have seen their ability to communicate in person fall very sharply in comparison to those who do not.

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