Why Is The Problem You Have Tackled Worth Tackling?

My PhD research is on the topic of the effects of social media on younger people. In particular, I chose to focus on younger adults, as they are the first generation whose formative years have been greatly impacted by the advent of social media.

Social media itself has become a large part of modern society; with many aspects of these platforms impacting everyday life. In this article, I will explain why I chose to conduct my research on this topic and why it was worth going into depth about social media.

  • Lack Of Research
  • Perhaps the most important reason for why I chose to work on this topic was the dearth of any real research on social media. There are many reasons for the lack of proper scientific research into the matter. Firstly, social media platforms are relatively new, and so not enough time has passed for them to be scrutinized in detail.

    Secondly, only now are those who grew up surrounded with social media entering the most important years of their lives. The impact of constant social media usage can only be assessed now when its effects will start showing. Due to the lack of research, I thought it was very much worth the effort to tackle this problem.

  • Undeserved Reputation
  • Another reason for why I chose to tackle this problem is due to the undeserved reputation social media platforms have garnered. The media has wrongfully, without any empirical evidence, placed blame on social media platforms for many bad acts committed by young people.

    The lack of research into the matter, I felt, was one of the reasons why the media has been allowed to get away with unequivocally blaming social media. With no one to offer a retort to the claims of the media, I felt that this problem was worth tackling.

  • Social Skills
  • Many have attributed the lack of social skills among the newer generation, such as the millenials, to the rise of social media. There is little evidence that younger generations lack social skills, let alone this being attributable to social media.

    This is a huge concern because if there is a lack of social skills amongst the younger generation then root cause of the problem needs to be found out and solutions need to be provided. I really wanted to see whether or not social media usage was the reason for the downturn in social skills in younger people, hence why it made this problem worth tackling.

As you can see, there are a plethora of reasons why I thought it was necessary to undertake my research. A general lack of studies in the area largely contributed to me doing my research on this topic.

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