Can You Start By Summarising Your Thesis?

My thesis is based on a sociology topic, as that is what I majored in during my time in college. In particular, my topic is focused on the impact of social media on younger people, particularly millennials. The reason for why I have chosen this topic is due to my love for sociology and technology. This was the perfect topic to base my research on and I could not let such an opportunity go.

I used a variety of different methods to conduct my research, which I will summarise in this article.


My research, as you know, was based on my topic big passions: sociology and technology. Both are topics I very much have a large interest in. I also keep up with the latest developments in technology, and the latest academic research in sociology.

The main task for my research was seeing the effects of social media on younger people. This is a hard aspect to gauge without properly analysis and interaction with younger people. As such, I needed people to partake in a survey to assess their social media habits and usage.

To do this, I gathered a sample of people in my preferred age range and they partook in a survey. The survey asked many questions pertaining to their social media usage and many aspects of their day-to-day life, such as how they feel when communicating with people in person.

To ensure that accurate answers were given, a further sample was chosen, and these people agreed to have their social media usage noted down and monitored. The purpose of this was to ensure that the answers given on the survey were correct. It turned out that the answers that were given were correct and further data on social media usage was noted.

As part of my research, older age groups were also surveyed. This was done for comparison purposes, to see how those who have not been brought up in an environment with social media have been affected by it.

When comparing both sets of data, it was seen that younger people have a harder time communicating with people in person compared to people in the older age group. The main reason for this has to be social media usage, since nearly everyone that claimed to have a problem communicating with people in person also said that they use social media extensively during the day.

Through this summary, you can see the research methods I employed for my thesis and how the results I acquired show the effects of social media on young people. This summary is useful in seeing what steps must be taken to undertake a successfully thesis research pertaining to sociology and technology. If you need academic writing assitance, you can pay for dissertation and get your problem solved fast.

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