Free thesis and dissertation writing tips that may help

Dissertation writing can be an extremely tough task to undertake and it can take months before your final version is completed, ready for submission. During these long months you need to utilize as many helpful tips as possible to keep your sanity! Here, we will give you some free tips that you can implement into your own regime to ease the stress and anxiety that thesis writing presents.


The number one reason for why many students hand in sub par work is due to being distracted when they are working. Whether it is due to their phone or due to a bad studying environment, being distracted while composing your thesis does not give you the optimal environment to study in.

To mitigate these factors, ensure that when you are working on your thesis that you are in a quiet environment. Due to this, the library can be a great place to study as there are usually strictly enforced noise rules and the only distractions are other books that you can find information from!

Also, you need to turn off device’s connection to the Internet. This will mean that you won’t be distracted by any incoming messages or procrastinate by going on the Internet.


A good thing to do before you begin your actual writing is to draw an outline for your thesis. This outline will help you in giving you an overview from which you can see whether or not your writing will flow well once your final piece is completed.

An outline should be done by you writing down a brief description of what you aim to put in each section of your paper. Ensure to write down clearly which sources you will be using, if any, for each of the sections.


Managing your time is crucial in completing your dissertation to a high standard. Due to the independent nature of university, many students do not receive a proper deadline for their paper, only a general time for when they are expected to submit their work. As such, many students leave everything until the final moment.

However, if you start working on your paper as soon as possible, you can submit numerous drafts that can be checked by your supervisor and that you can greatly improve on through their suggestions.

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