Popular management dissertation topics examples

Management is an extremely popular topic in many universities around the world. This is due to the fact that the course teaches many skills that can be employed in the workforce. It also has a high employment rate which is why it the subject is so over subscribed. This article will discuss how you can use popular management dissertation topics to attain high marks for your work.


According to Paper Writing Pros, the following are the most popular marketing thesis topics:

  1. How does advertising influence consumer behavior?
  2. Elements of branding and brand recognition
  3. How can brand recognition transfer between industries?
  4. Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction
  5. How has social media changed the landscape of marketing?
  6. How does social media influence consumer’s decision when buying?
  7. Marketing analysis of Wal-Mart.
  8. How does consumer loyalty affect marketing?
  9. Are supermarkets placing too much emphasis on fair-trade product?
  10. Could they be marketed better?
  11. Analysis of strategic e-marketing
  12. Are loyalty schemes good for consumers?

These are all great topic examples because of the fact that they allow you to fully hit all the key objectives needed for a highly marked dissertation.


For your research, you should consult marketing journals. They will have a very large archive so that you can go back several decades to see how the research into marketing has evolved. They are also updated daily so you also receive the latest developments in marketing.

The reason why implementing research is so important is because you will need to discuss the latest developments in marketing, and give a background review on how the research into marketing has evolved.

The reason why we have suggested the topics above is that they have a plethora of research available about them and you can easily access this either through journals, or company year-end reports.


Another big aspect of dissertation is to analyze differing viewpoints. For example, if you are discussing your methodology, then you also need to write about any other methods you could have used, and why you opted not to make use of them. This is a huge aspect of your thesis that you should not overlook, as it will cost you many marks.

It is not only about choosing a good topic, but also the research and analysis you conduct in your work that will get you a high mark for your paper.

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