Which Are The Three Most Important Papers That Relate To Your Thesis?

When composing a research paper, it is always a good idea to get some background context on the topic you are writing about. Without this context, readers familiar with your topic will notice your lack of knowledge on the subject. Those who do are not familiar with your field of study will have a hard time grasping the reason for why you are producing such research.

The reason why it is important to know about the most important papers relating to your thesis is due to the fact that you are then able to provide a reason for undertaking the research. My thesis topic was on the effects of social media on younger people, and in this article, I will discuss the three most important papers relating to this field.

The first, and perhaps most important, paper produced on the topic was by one of my university professors. He wanted to see how social media affects the cognitive functions of its users. However, one difference between his study and mine is the fact that he did not specifically sample his participants to younger adults. Also this research is many years old and was done before many other prominent social media platforms existed.

The main reason why I am choosing to focus on younger adults is due to the fact that they are the first generation to grow up using social media extensively during their important childhood years. It is due to this that we can accurately assess the impact that social media has had on them compared to people from other age groups.

The second most important paper was, again, published by one of the faculty members of my university’s sociology department. In her paper, she sought to see whether or not younger people have less social skills compared to their older cohort. In the research, she found that younger people experience more anxiety compared to older people, however no link was made to social media and sample size was no sufficiently large enough.

My supervisor published the third, and final, important paper a few years ago. In the research, he found that social media usage was linked to falling grades in the classroom. However, like the previous paper, there were some gaps in the research that I hoped to fill in with my own paper. This paper was instrumental in making me aware that there perhaps exists some correlation between social media usage and declining social skills in young people.

It is important to read the vital pieces of research that have been published on your topic. This gives you a better context to understanding your topic and helps to aid you in your research.

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