What Is The Idea That Binds Your Thesis Together?

My thesis is based on sociology, as this is the subject I enjoyed the most in college. While being obsessed with sociology, I also am a keen in technology. I usually always keep on top of the latest technology news and try my best to be able to buy all the latest technology available.

Due to these interests, I was very keen to produce a thesis research on the something that binds these two passions of mine together. Due to this, I chose to conduct my research on the effects social media has had on young people.

The idea that binds my thesis together is the fact that those who have grown up using social media from a young age, like millennials, are affected differently by social media than those who have not.

During my research, I not only sampled young people, but I also took older people into account that have not grown up surrounded by social media. This idea was pivotal because I truly believe that exposure to social media has shaped millennials different in terms of their ability to communicate in person.


To write my thesis paper, I had to conduct thorough research. To undertake this, I sampled many young people who fall into the definition of being a millennial. With this sample, they were asked to fill in a survey that asked them about their social media habits and a host of different questions.

To ensure that the answers given on the survey were accurate, a further sample was selected and their social media usage was noted. It was found that, in general, most of the answers given in the survey were accurate.

Older people were also surveyed so that data between the two groups could be compared. One downside to this was that the same amount of older people could not partake in the survey due to time constraints for the thesis. It was found that younger people have a harder time communicating in person than older people.

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The main idea that binds my research together is the fact that I believe younger people have a harder time communicating than those older than them due to social media. My research results tend to back up my view.

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