What Motivated And Inspired You To Carry Out This Research?

There were many factors that motivated me to carry out my sociology thesis research on social media and its effects on younger people. Perhaps the most motivating was from a personal experience. After a prolonged period of social media usage, I have felt more awkward wen conversing with someone in person. This spurred me on to conduct this research and to see whether or not there is a correlation between social media usage and a person’s ability to communicate with someone.

To ensure that I had data to compare to, I also took into account older people, since they are less likely to use social media. To conduct my research, I surveyed a group of young people. In this survey, they were asked many questions pertaining to their social media usage, and their communication skills in real life.

To make sure that honest answers were given on the survey, a further sample was selected from this group. This group was monitored on their social media usage to see how accurate their answers were, It was seen that, by far and large, most people responded to the survey with accurate answers.

Older people were also surveyed as part of the research. Unsurprisingly, they had a lower social media rate than those younger than them. However, it was found that older people fare better when communicating in person than younger people, especially those who use social media very often in their lives.

It was very satisfying to see myself complete this research. What started off as a personal question that arose from my own experience, it was very rewarding to see myself carry out the research, and validate my suspicions. This is one of the best parts about completing a thesis: the rewarding feeling.

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As you can see, my own personal experiences played a very big factor in motivating me to pursue this line of research for my thesis paper. My initial thoughts being validated through research felt very satisfying.

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