What Published Work Is Closest To Yours? How Is Your Work Different?

As discussed previously, there are many important papers that have been published analyzing the impact of social media. Yes, due to the infancy of social media, there is not an abundance of research to analyze but, from the research that exists, many vital concepts and ideas are explored. My own research specifically analyzes the impact that social media has had on millenials. In this article, I will look in depth on the published work that is most close to mine and how my research differs.

Social Media Research

The reason why I chose to undertake a PhD on social media is due to the fact that there is a dearth of progress on this topic. The reasons for it are clear:

Social media is still in its infancy so not enough time has passed for quality research to be published. Those impacted the most by social media, the younger generation, are only just coming into their own where the effects of constant social media can truly be analyzed.

Along with these reasons, some of the progress of my professors at university also inspired me to research in this line of sociology.

Closest Published Work

As I mentioned in the previous article, the research undertaken by my supervisor was on the link between falling grades in the classroom and social media usage. In his paper, he found a small correlation between falling grades and social media usage. The reason why I believe this published work is closest to mine is due to the fact that he analyzed two main important aspects to my research:

  • The effects of social media
  • Younger people who have been affected more by social media

Most of the other existing research in this area does not prioritize those two aspects, as is the case in my research. The main difference between my work and my supervisor’s is the fact that I have more focus on the impact of social media on social skills.

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My supervisor’s research is the most closest of mine due to his focus on the effects of social media and younger people. However, my work has more focus on the effects on social skills of younger people.

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