Which Of These Does Your Research Address?

There are many topics that my research aims to address, and which were the goals I set out for myself at the beginning of the research. As you know, undertaking a PhD level research requires you to process and analyze information relating to many different parts of a topic. As such, there are many topics that are analyzed in detail during the course of my paper.

The main topic that I conducted my research on was the effects of social media on millenials. The reason for my focusing on millenails is due to the fact that it is the first generation that has had an early exposure to social media. Nowadays, children as young as five have their own smartphones, and social media is one of the most used platforms for communication by younger people.

Social Media

The first and foremost topic of concern during my research is social media. Social media has had a logarithmic rise in recent years. When you think about it, social media is still a fairly new platform for communication; however, the population has been very quick in adopting several social media. It has now become ons of the main forms of communication, especially among younger people.

The main points of concern about social media that my research addressed was whether or not social media can lead to harmful effects, what the recommended usage is for social media and what potential benefits there are to the use of social media. Social media has garnered a bad reputation, as much negative behavior is quick to be blamed on social media.

Social Skills

Another topic that is addressed during the course of my research is social skills and how social media impacts them. Many people have hypothesized, without any empirical evidence, that social media has caused a downturn in the ability of people, specifically those from the younger generations, to converse with another person in real life.

Before my research, there was little to indicate that a downturn in social skills is being experienced in younger people, let alone the cause of it being social media. In my research, this central theme is discussed at length.


Another important topic of discussion is the solutions that can be implemented in society to answer the ill effects of social media usage. My research showed that there is a positive correlation between social media usage and experience apprehension when talking to someone in person. My research has come up with many suggested solutions to stop this downturn in social skills being experienced by younger people.

As you can see, many key questions in regards to social media and social skills are addressed in my research. Solutions are also provided on how to counter these problems.

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