What Are The Main Issues And Debates In This Subject Area?

I encountered many issues and debates on my sociology research topic. I decided to write my term paper on the effects of social media on young people. In particular, I chose to focus on young people since they have grown up in a world that is rife with social media. My main goal was to find out the effects social media has had on the ability for people to communicate in person.

Since young people are the most reliant on social media, they seemed like the perfect target group to focus my research on. Older people were also included in my research to draw comparisons between them and younger people who are more active on social media platforms.

My research was conducted through a host of many qualitative methods that are commonly seen in sociology. I took a group of young people to survey and asked them a multitude of questions concerning their social media usage and their ability to communicate with people in different situations.

Of course, these answers needed to be verified, so a further sample was taken of those who agreed to monitor their social media usage. This social media usage was then compared to the answers that were given on the surveys. In general, it was seen that people had been honest when answering the survey questions.

Older people were also asked similar questions to the ones that were asked of the younger people. Overall, older people reported less anxiety when talking to someone in person than younger people who relied more heavily on social media to communicate.

There are many issues and debates in the area of social media. Perhaps the largest is security and privacy. There have been many high profile investigations recently where it has been found that social media platforms have been passing on information about their users to third parties. This has caused much out roar from social media users, and it remains to be seen if this will affect the number of people using social media.

Another issue that is the topic of my research is whether or not social media negatively affects the ability of people to communicate in person. As can be seen by my research results, there is certainly a strong suggestion that prolonged reliance on social media can impair a person’s ability to communicate in the real world.

My research will be very useful in determining the possible harmful effects of social media usage. Due to social media platforms only taking off a few years ago, there is not much research on its possible adverse effects on people. My research shows that there is clear cause for concern about the high usage of social media among the population.

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