Who Has Had The Strongest Influence In The Development Of Your Subject Area In Theory And Practice?

Students have many inspirations that make them undertake a PhD research. I am no different, and there were many people who greatly influenced me to undertake this research. Unsurprisingly, those same people also had a major impact on my topic area. In this article, I will discuss the people who had the biggest impact, both in theory and practice, on the development of my subject area.


In case you didn’t know, the topic of my PhD was the effects of social media on millenials. The reason why there was a focus on millenials and not a focus on social media’s impact on the population as a whole is due to the fact that the millennial generation is the first to have been greatly exposed to social media during their early years. This topic firmly falls under sociology and it is the topic that I was a major in during college and I attained a master’s degree in.


I used a quantitative methodology for my research. The main person who had a big impact on the development of this methodology on sociology was one of my university professors. She was one of the pioneers in terms of extrapolating results from surveys to theorize about sociology. Reading her works really inspired me to adopt her methodology for my own research.

I feel that a large part of my success is owed due to the revolutionary methodology ideas she presented in her work. Due to her recommendations, I was able to gain accurate insight into the social media usage of younger people and how this had an impact on their social media skills.

Social Media

In terms of social media, there have been many people who have had a large impact in the studying of social media platforms. One of the most pioneering was, again, one of my university professors. He published some great work on the topic during its formative years, and this research was extremely helpful in providing me with some great help.

Thesis Helper

During the course of my research, I also relied on the help of a professional thesis helper. Many can be found at writing agencies, which only employ the best and most knowledgeable helpers. My thesis helper was pivotal in providing me vital material that was useful for my research. Without this help, I do not believe I could have produced a paper as well as I was able to.

There was no one single person who had the strongest impact on the studying of social media and its effects on younger people. There has been a large input into the topic from many people, even including impact on the methodology with which the topic should be studied.

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